Varicella Titer Information

Learn about the Varicella titer.

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What is a Varicella Titer?

The Varicella Titer, also known as the Varicella Zoster Titer and VZV Titer, is a blood test that checks if your immune to Varicella. The Varicella titer antibody level helps assess whether your immune system can respond to an infection with this disease.

What is Varicella?

Varicella is a disease that is also known as the Chickenpox or Chicken Pox. Varicella is caused by a type of herpes virus called the Varicella-Zoster virus. It is easily spread through droplets. According to CDC stats, varicella was quite common before the onset of widespread vaccination.

Why might I have antibodies to Varicella?

Some people have been infected with Varicella in the past. In that situation, the body's immune system will have developed a memory of the Varicella infection and will have the capability to produce Varicella antibodies which circulate in the blood.

These days, most people have develop Varicella antibodies because they have received the Varicella vaccine, usually as children. Usually given as two separate injections, the Varicella vaccine consists of a weakened form of the actual Varicella virus. By receiving the vaccine, one gets a very mild form of a Varicella infection which teaches the immune system what a Varicella infection looks like. In both cases, if a person is exposed to Varicella in the future, the body's immune system will have the capability to generate an adequate antibody response to fight off the infection quickly.

Why might I need a Varicella Titer?

When someone is a healthcare worker or student working in a healthcare setting, a Varicella titer is often required to prove immunity to this disease. This is in case the person is exposed to the disease in the healthcare setting. A Varicella Titer is often required by services such as RepTrax and Vendormate for hospital compliance.

What is the procedure for getting at Varicella Titer?

A Varicella titer is a blood test and requires a blood draw from a qualified person. Typically, people who need a Varicella titer will go to a lab or a medical office to have their blood drawn. A Varicella titer requires a lab order from a doctor or a licensed medical provider before it can be performed. Once the blood is drawn, the sample is processed to measure the levels of antibody in the blood.

Once my blood is drawn, how long does it take to get my Varicella Titer results?

Results for a Varicella titer can be available in as soon as 3 business days. In most cases, it takes a little bit longer.

What will my Varicella titer results look like?

Here is a video that can help you interpret your Varicella Titer results:

How much does a Varicella Titer cost?

At most labs and hospitals, a Varicella titer test will cost hundreds of dollars.

My requirements also include an MMR titer and a Hep B titer. What does that mean?

The MMR Titer and Hep B Titer are different types of titers that are frequently ordered with the Varicella titer.

What is the CPT code for a Varicella Titer?

The CPT code typically used for a Varicella Titer is 86787.